Rate My Rental NZ is about to dramatically alter the tenancy scene in New Zealand.

Within the next few weeks, NZ tenants will be able to rate, and check, on landlords and property managers. Up until now, landlords and property managers have been rating their tenants, and be able to check  potential tenants, for everything from credit, to character, to even criminal records. But only they have had this privilege.

We believe it is about time that tenants are no longer treated like second class citizens!


Our site will offer


  • Free membership!
  • Free use of our rating system to rate your landlord and/or propety manager.
  • Free access to check our database of tenant reviews and ratings of landlords & property  managers.
  • Tenants Support Forums.
  • Access to a tenant support facebook group.
  • As we grow, we will add further content to this site, including advice, classifieds, and more.



The most important rule!


Membership is tenants only, no landlords or property managers allowed!

This website will be for tenants only. Landlords and property managers will be refused membership, and we will be enforcing this policy pro-actively. Anybody making false statements on joining, and are found to be landlords or property managers, will be named and shamed.

To ensure this policy is maintained, we will require some official form of identication on joining. This ID will be destroyed immediately the applicant's membership has been approved. This is to provide us with the most effective method possible of keeping our site "tenant-only".


Our Mission

Our website will enable tenants to rate landlords and property managers, without fear or favour. And to protect themselves, tenants will be able to rate and review anonymously, if they prefer.

Members will also be able to search a tenancy by its' address, by the landlords or property managers' name, as listed on this website.



Landlords and property managers in New Zealand have been rating and reviewing tenants via offline and, more recently, online databases, for decades. Landlords and property managers have also been able to obtain credit, character, financial and even criminal checks of potential tenants, from a wide range of resources available to them. The organsations and companies holding this information on tenants, maintain this data mostly without the tenant's knowledge. This means these tenants are unable to correct, contradict or respond to these records.

But that has only ever been a one-way street, available only to landlords and property managers. Tenants have never had the same opportunity to rate and review landlords and property managers, or check potential landlords. We believe that is just wrong!

So this site is about creating a level playing field.

Ironically, as soon as the boot is on the other foot, and a site offers tenants the opportunity to rate and review landlords and property managers, and then make this data available to tenants, all hell breaks loose in the landlord community! At last count, 4 or more attempts have been made to set up similar websites to this, all have succumbed to the heavy pressure incurred by landlords and property managers determined to shut down these tenant sites. The fact is most aggrieved landlords and property managers are well-funded and very well-connected.

The great news is, we are safe from such attempts! To act against any site, first the complainant must identify the owners. Our domain owner info is locked down, and our site is hosted off-shore, in the most secure region in the world. Our identity is hidden, so 100% protected from those attempting to identify, and take action against us, or to attempt to bring down this site.

Thankfully, the days where landlords can threaten sites offering the same service that they take for granted, and their unique and priveleged status, are about to end!


Pre-register and obtain site updates

If you wish to be updated of our progress and alerted when we have announcements, simply add yourself to our update list by completing our contact form and we'll keep you regualarly updated. Or even better, you can pre-register at our site now by clicking here to join us.


Ownership of this website

This website and the various domains that link to us have a colourful history, with some having 2,3 and even 4 owners over the years. The new website owners, and domain registrants, are new to the NZ tenancy support scene, and bring fresh ideas and concepts to this industry. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or would like to offer suggestions as we start this journey. The way to reach us best is via our Booking/Update form,


The site will be live before the end of June 2018.

Please remember, the success of this site will depend on the support of members, so spread the word!